Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just a quick farewell lunch

Today is the day, We are finally leaving after delaying the trip by a couple days. So I decided to make some quick tofu wraps for the fam.
Tortilla Wrap
Organic Gmo-free ToFu
Coconut oil
Black Pepper
Lime Juice

1st off, I cut the ToFu into thin strips (3). Then sautéed the tofu in a little bit of Coconut oil. Sprinkled the 3 seasonings-black pepper, rosemary, and oregano-on top of the pieces of tofu. Sautéed until a little crispy.

Then, I just cut up all the vegetables put them on the wrap. And then once the tofu was done I put that on the top and Voila! A delicious, protein equipped fast lunch.

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