Saturday, January 1, 2011

Boba Tea Experience

So a couple weeks ago, we went to the asian market and bought the things for us to get started on our Boba Tea business. We ended up buying 3 things: Tapioca Pearls, Green Tea Milk Powder, and XL Straws (for the tapioca pearls). First off we cooked the tapioca. Then we started messing around with the tea recipe. If we needed to add milk or hot water to it to make it DELICIOUS. We ended up Boiling Hot water then added black tea to the water and then we put the green tea milk powder into the black tea and then put it over ice. And Finally added the Tapioca pearls, and we ended up having the perfect 1st drink. 
Heres some pictures of our little adventure. 


  1. haha i know... thats my favorite picture!!! LOL!

  2. Ooh, they look absolutely delicious! Yum! xoxoxooo

  3. well let me just say... they were!!