Saturday, January 22, 2011


Last night was pretty amazing. We went to the Sundance Film Festival, and we came across so many celebrities. Im not going to lie...I was pretty starstruck. 

We got to meet Producers for some of the movies, Peter Dinklage, I think her name is Natalie; she won survivor 2009, Adam Garcia-He was on flight of the concords, and some of the boys from Bath boys Comedy.

We also took pictures of: Shooter McGavin, Andie MacDowell, and Steve Little-Eastbound Down???

Then I saw running right in front of my eyes 2 members from "the Buried Life" on MTV-Ben Nemtin & Duncan Penn. So of course I had to say something so I very NON-discreetly shouted "BURIED LIFE?!" and they turned around and waved. But No one else knew who they were... haha.

I have a few pictures...and I might put them up later when I get all of them together. :)
Thanks for the Picture

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